A One-time opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Oakville.

The Oakville Community Foundation’s “Belong Oakville” is making it possible for you to enjoy over 14 hours of recreational and shinny hockey, including special needs recreational skating.

Why is The Oakville Community Foundation investing in Belong Oakville?

In 2017, The Foundation conducted a survey to better understand if, then how, people in Oakville feel they belong to their community.

Why? Belonging is at the heart of building stronger communities and a more cohesive, inclusive country. Belonging intersects with all aspects of community life and connects to some of today’s most pressing conversations from inclusion of newcomers to reshaping the relationship between Indigenous Peoples to strengthening our local communities and decreasing social isolation. Quite simply belonging Matters.

Belonging is also a two way street – It’s about a community sending signals of acceptance and inclusion, and about residents cultivating their own connections to community. A sense of belonging is important to build safe, vibrant communities and to bring purpose to our lives.

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