TAKE OUR SURVEY – Do YOU feel a sense of belonging in Oakville?

The Sense of Belonging survey is live – we want your input!

In partnership with the Town of Oakville and the YMCA of Oakville, the survey will run until June 30th and participants will be entered to win an iPad Mini upon completion.

It’s a win-win. CLICK HERE  to take the survey and help make Oakville a place where everyone can belong.

So Why are we doing this project?

·         To understand where the gaps are;

·         To bring together and welcome all of our communities;

·         To reflect, share, and learn as a community and

·         To build inclusion together.

with the goal to understand how people across Oakville experience belonging.

Have you worked in, lived in, or visited Oakville? We want to hear about your experience in our community.

Please join us and help make Oakville a more welcoming community where everyone can belong. Survey participants will be entered to win an iPad Mini!