Investment Impact Presentation

THANK YOU to all those who attended our event, our guest speakers and to our event sponsor PwC!

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This year our Investment Impact Presentation (IIP) had Fiera Capital focus on economic, social and governance investing, while assessing The Foundation’s portfolio and performance to date. We also had the CEO of Artscape voice his experiences, the challenges he had to overcome and how social impact investing has enabled Artscape to continue to grow.

More about our Guest Speakers

From Fiera Capital we have invited Candice Bandsund, the vice president and portfolio manager of global asset allocation and who is currently a member of the asset allocation committee, focusing on central banks and fundamental macro analysis. Additionally from Fiera Capital is Brian Swales, the senior vice president and investment counsellor of private wealth.  Brian has over 20 years of experience in the investment management industry serving high net worth clients across numerous roles.

The CEO of Artscape, Tim Jones, is a Canadian entrepreneur who discussed Artscape’s recent $21.7 million project that received funding in 2017 through social impact investing. Artscape serves the needs of the arts and cultural community and helps upgrade neighborhoods responsibly by bringing together creative individuals in real estate projects. Since 1998 Jones’ leadership has driven Artscape’s portfolio of unique facilities that continues to serve hundreds of thousands of people annually and which plays a vital role in advancing the arts and culture, public policy agendas, private development interests, community and neighbourhood aspirations and philanthropic missions.

From left to right: Brian Swales, Candice Bandsund , Tim Jones