Who We Are

A newly developing program, under the guidance of The Foundation, citizens of all ages are coming together to learn more about our community and to pool some of their charitable dollars in order to make gifts together.

It’s a Learning Journey – together we explore, map, design and develop the focus and purpose for the Giving Collective.

What’s Involved?

In it’s infancy, this new Collective is being developed and designed by its members – perhaps YOU!

The goal of the Collective is to build an appreciation of what a Collective is and does – how together contributors can and will make transformative change.

To help us build this program, we will engage in a series of discussions to both build understanding on how a Collective works, as well as understand how The Foundation works.  Together we will then build an understanding of the local challenges women and girls face.   Finally, we will build an understanding on how financial commitments will be applied towards future granting, and how and what the focus for granting will be.

So Join Us – February 2019 – to build this initiative.  Through education, discussion and open exchange of ideas, we will build the Collective Giving program with knowledge and leadership.

Why Join

  • To increase philanthropy in the Oakville community
  • To connect with women in strategic giving that produces greater impact
  • To improve the lives of women and girls in our area
  • To invest in projects that deliver maximum return in relation to the value of the money and time contributed

Join Today – be part of the start of something new, unique and All For Community!

If you want to support the program and pledge your commitment now, that’s wonderful!  Click here for the Commitment form.