You are already a Philanthropist.

You contribute your time, your talent, and your treasure in so many ways. Your legacy is already being created by how you give of yourself.

The next step is a Charitable Fund for your family that can continue to support the causes you care about for generations to come. And, it’s easier and more affordable than you think.

With a one-time contribution or a monthly plan, you can join with others in Oakville who are coming together to be a part of a community of philanthropists. By establishing a Fund at The Oakville Community Foundation, you get to design your philanthropy around your interests, be part of a community of like-minded folks, and help direct the priorities of The Foundation itself.

A Charitable Fund at the Oakville Community Foundation is more than a Donor Advised Fund, it’s connection to the charities and philanthropists making a difference here at home and beyond.

The Oakville Community Foundation currently works with more than 200 individuals, families, and charities. We steward over $100 million in assets and we can help ensure that the charitable dollars you invest are having the impact you want in the communities you care about.


Where do you want to start?