Taking Stock – Housing Pillar Working Group

A place to call home for many, is a challenge. In Canada, more than 1 million Canadians encountered housing issues in 2004, and this figure has increased annually.

Oakville is no exception – one of the key issues identified in the 2015 Oakville’s Vital Signs report is Affordable Housing, and The Foundation is focused on elevating, facilitating, and activating efforts to tackle each of the four issues in Vital Signs: Affordable Housing; Equity Gap; Mental Health; Inclusion & Diversity.

The Foundation has called together leaders in the community to help identify gaps, look at best practices and possible solutions on Affordable Housing, as part of our Creating Vital Solutions platform. The Foundation has called together a leadership group with representatives of Halton Region, Community Development Halton, Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, Halton Housing Alliance, First Ontario Credit Union, Genworth Canada, Sheridan College, and the Oakville, Burlington and Community Foundation of North Halton Community Foundations, to help look at the issues and how we together can do more.

So what can be done? How can these leaders look at this issue, and what can be done about the challenges? The Foundation, partners and agencies, researchers and government are all together on this issue and look to build momentum at the National Housing Day where we are working on a conference, in concert with Halton Housing Alliance. The goal – gather as many of the custodians and caretakers of this issue together, hear from leaders and experts in the field, gaining insights on what success might look like.

To prepare for this initiative, the named organizations recently gathered together to discuss the first steps in this process. An excellent discussion took hold looking at the scope and challenge of waitlists, data, education and communications for affordable housing. Everyone believed that it would be best if people attending came to the Housing Conference already armed with some knowledge on the issues confronting the Region.

Educating the community, the public and private sectors, on what is happening around affordable housing will be beneficial. There are many exciting Federal, Provincial and Regional/Municipal changes happening. As such, we’ve provided a list of materials and reports on the most recent updates.

Our next steps as a group? Meet again soon, pooling our research and data and mapping out data, assets, and services. We will continue to seek out and prepare more research while we plan for the Housing Pillar Conference centred around National Housing Day. We look forward to giving you as much information and preparing you for it, where we hope to have you attend!

To read the most recent Survey on Housing Waitlist click here.